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What actually happened in Purgatory.

deansass I told you I could make a gifset AU where Castiel chases bees and then Destiel somehow becomes canon.

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Anonymous said: Lets talk about wolfstar/jily double dates please


I firmly believe nine times out of ten lily and remus want to go somewhere nice and have a nice meal and some wine and talk about the neat things in their life and sirius and james want to go to MONSTER TRUCK RALLIES so their double dates just sort of involve sirius and james doing DANGEROUS THRILLING STUFF and remus and lily getting cotton candy and fondly complaining about their respective partners and four hours later everyone realizes that they’re enjoying their date with the wrong person and it’s not even a problem.

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We’re going camping and I’m not going to have internet for THREE days this is terrible


The Bunker Games: Where Sam hates his life

(That’s binary for “ur dumb” by the way)

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Make me choose: Wendigo or Ravenstag, submitted by hughdancysexual

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I don’t know if the multiverse is real, but I hope it is. If there really are infinite universes, then every one of the fictional worlds that we love is real somewhere. I think that’s beautiful.


Bevlana AU

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